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Telephone Answering, Cold Calling & Telemarketing

Increase your Customer Base, Turnover and Profit

Our highly skilled Telemarketing sales team will cold call from either one of your own
databases or create a fresh new list for you, based on your criteria as to location, size of company, number of employees, industry type etc.

When cold calling, we make contact, find the correct person to speak to and then sell one
aspect of your company to them, be it a special offer or particular area you specialise in, to
gain their interest, and obtain their email.

We can clean your old databases, re-calling old customers and updating their details, giving
you back customers already won in the past – they already know how good you are!

We follow up this call with an individual email outlining our conversation and giving more
detail, along with a link to the relevant area of your website.

We will follow up this email with several calls over a period of a few weeks until they become
a customer.

telephone_iconTelephone Answering

AYC provides you with your own Dedicated Telephone line, answered in your company
name by assigned assistant that you have personally briefed about your business
and will act as part of your team. Calls will be handled in as much detail as you wish.

Simply taking the call and passing on the message.


Filtering out Time-Wasters.
We know from experience the amount of calls you can get day to day from all sorts of
businesses trying to sell you their products whilst your genuine customers are left listening to
a busy signal. AYC deals with all Telemarketers politely and efficiently to keep the lines free
for your potential new clients.

Answering the Question.
Whether you have a new promotion or a customer has a general enquiry about your business, AYC will answer their questions on your behalf having been fully briefed on
the type of questions you regularly get asked concerning your product or business.

Dealing with the Problem.
Try as you might, there are just sometimes when you cannot be everywhere at once.
Using the AYC team on a daily basis can help you lighten your load when it comes to problem solving. When a problem arises and a customer calls for help or a speedy resolution, We will
take the call and either provide a solution there and then or if this is not possible, take the customer's details and then relay the situation to you calmly so you can get back to your client quickly and fully informed. 

Providing a Quotation.
As our business partnership grows AYC will learn more about your company and soon
be able to quote enquiries over the phone to your clients as per your instructions and guidelines.

Booking Appointments via your MS Outlook Calendar.
AYC can arrange appointments for you on previously agreed dates when you are free for any prospective clients that may call looking for a meeting. This can be done via email or through the Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Forwarding the call to you.
If you are out of the office, AYC will take any call professionally with a curteous phone manner surrounded by a calm office environment to give the best first impression it can to your caller and then, as instructed, forward the call onto you.

cold_callingCold Calling

As a method of generating new leads and interest in your business, Cold Calling is a must for
all small and large companies, especially in the current climate. AYC, prepared with your company's literature and main focus points provided by you, will Cold Call targeted businesses
in your area asking for Contact Names, E-mail addresses and Telephone numbers of the people you and your company need to speak to. It takes time, perseverance and charm but as a way
to generate new business Cold Calling is vital.

Mailshots and Email Marketing

We can provide postal mail shots, designing your campaign and managing the post, we will
then call after 3 days to ensure the mail shot was received and note the interest.
We will then call back at least 7 times to gauge interest and keep product in mind.

Email Marketing

We would carry out a telemarketing campaign followed up by individual emails with more information than the telephone call and with links to relevant pages on your website.

This email would be followed up with at least 7 telephone calls to gauge interest.